Christa Carmichael’s fourteen year old sister, Ella, was found dead in the woods, aparently buried alive after being raped by a predator she “befriended” on the social networking website called GrapeVyne. It turns out that there have also been cases similar to Ella’s. In her anger, Christa creates a fake profile on GrapeVyne to find and capture her sister’s murderer.

      Ryan Adkins, is the creator and CEO of GrapeVyne and is not willing to make changes to the GrapeVyne site, despite Christa’s urgent pleas and warnings. But when, he does listen, he and Christa set out to find the killer together.

     In her latest novel, Terri delivers a fast paced thriller with suspenseful scenes and a well crafted plot. The characters felt real to me and I felt their feelings of pain, sorrow and joy. The killer was well hidden and not obvious to me. This is a book by a Christian author, so Predator is obviously a Christian book. Terri does a good job displaying that without making it “preachy”.

     I would recommend Predator to people who like a good murder mystery with Christianity woven well into it and who doesn’t mind the killer’s victims to be girls.

     Watch for Terri’s next book, Vicious Cycle, book 2 in the Intervention Series, due out in early February.

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