I have just finished reading Ted Dekker’s latest novel, Immanuel’s Veins and I tell you you have to read this one.

     Full of seduction, betrayl and longing, this book is sure to capture your heart. Immanuel’s Veins is a story we all need to read. We need to take it in and dwell on it and think about what love really is.
     The story line was very well put together and the first person view point of the main character, Toma Nicolescu, is, to me, an essential part to the novel’s message. The way Ted uses words in a way that amazes me. Everything is so perfectly put together.
     Yes, this book is full of seduction, lust and blood (it’s all about the blood), yet, Ted uses it very carefully, yet so vividly. It is used only when it is needed.
      I would reccomend this novel to anyone. I invite you, my friends, to sink your teeth into this novel, hoping, after you’ve read it, you will never be the same.