Seven years after the disappearance of her best friend, Linda Jackson, skip-tracer Joanne Weeks must locate a witness who can put the man who Joanne knows to be Linda’s killer behind bars–before he silences Joanne for good.
This is the premise of Deceit, from suspense author, Brandilyn Collins. This is my first work of Brandilyn’s that I have read and it will most certainly not be my last. Throughout the 320 or so, I did not get bored once. I mean at all. That is why I stayed up past four in the morning.
Brandilyn crafts this novel with word patterns that makes the reader feel the suspense and different feelings throughout the whole story. I literally was shaking while I read. She also handles the first person point of view very well.
The plot was wonderful and was full of twist and turns. It was amazing.
Although this is a Christian book, it does not bash you over the head with scripture verses and was never too preachy.
I highly recommend this book. I will definitely be getting some more of Brandilyn’s books! Great job, Brandilyn! Look for Brandilyn’s next book, Over the Edge, which releases May 1st.

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