This year, most people…

…will live their life just like they did in 2010.

…will never put commonly accepted assumptions to the test. They’ll just accept them.

…will never take that big risk they got excited about in December.

…will stop trying after their first failure, never realizing the first ten are just a warm-up.

…will believe they are entitled to success.

…will blame their lack of personal or professional growth on someone or something else.

…will invest more time picking what TV shows they’ll watch than in how they’ll make their ideas happen.

But what if you…

…gave your best attention to yourself and those closest to you?

…took responsibility for “moving the needle” in your own life?

…redefined success?

…stuck it out every time you could give up instead?

…took risks like vitamins?

…challenge conventional wisdom (because it’s mediocrity in disguise)?

…lived in a way that made 2010 look like warm up for this one?

To everyone else in the world, you are “most people”. Whether or not you live down to their expectations is up to you. So what’s it gonna be?

(This is from Website of brand manager, creative catalyst and producer, Kevin Kaiser.)

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