My blog hit over four hundred reviews today and I am quite humbled. To know that people want to read what I have to say gives me a purpose and drives me to do more, to go on.
Yes, you may think that I am over reacting or writing this to have a new post. I am not. Each time I see that someone has viewed even one thing on here, it drives me forward. I want to thank you all for that.
We are at the end of February and I want to make what I shall call a “March resolution.” As you might expect, this is like a New Year’s resolution but for March. I am going to make an attempt to post more spiritual advice and thinking on here for you all to read. Most of these will be from me, but some of them will be from other people such as my sister, Elaina who’s blog you can visit here:
These posts will show up maybe once every two weeks and I hope that you all will look forward to them!

-Evan W.S. Morgan-

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