Here is a post that my sister wrote on her blog. It’s great and I would love for you all to read it:

I know that you must be expecting something amazing with how awesome this post’s title is, but believe me you would be let down so rest your anticipation before continuing on. Yesterday I was at work alphabetizing some paperwork while I was sitting at the booth in the back of the cafe’ when I realized the man who was facing away from me had a Bible in the booth directly across from where I was sitting. I was curious as to what the man was saying to the other gentlemen sitting straight across from him. I could only gather bits and pieces of their conversation as I tried to focus on listening, alphabetizing those papers as nonchalantly as I could, and making sure I wasn’t caught looking at the men. What I had gathered was that the one with the Bible was trying to evangelize to the man across from him who evidently didn’t believe in God by the way he exclaimed his frustations and questions to the Bible bearing man.

I wanted to see what these men were talking about fully, but after I had clocked out of work and placed myself in the same booth to eat some soup I didn’t know if I should speak to these men. I had taken both their orders before they sat down to eat and before I had sat down to do my work and I didn’t even know one of them believed in a God like I did. I didn’t even know the other man was about to be awakened where he would have to make a choice. My nerves shaking, I went up to the two men and told them I had overheard them talking and then I asked what church they went to and the man with the Bible replied and then gave the man across from him this “see what I mean” look. Now I don’t know if that was the best thing the man could have done, but hey! I preceded to tell him that I knew a few people from there and then what church I went to. I asked his name and by then I didn’t know what to do next. So I shook the mans hand a told him it was nice to meet him then went on my way.

I didn’t know what to say to those men, let alone if I should of said anything at all, but I knew if I didn’t then I would regret it. Now, I’m not trying to put myself on a high horse or anything. My point simply is that you never know who you are going to influence with your actions or your words and that alone should be taken into account. If you are questioning whether you should do something and it lines up with God’s Word then go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And who knows?..You may be entertaining angels.

You can find my sister on her blog at:

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