The military’s newest and most secret spy satellite has just been knocked out of the sky and crashed in the harsh regions of eastern Siberia. Eric Moyer and his team must travel across the globe, find the satellite and destroy it. They must also rescue what remains of an Air Force team taken captive by a ruthless Russian splinter group. While on mission Moyer learns that his daughter Gina has been kidnapped. The ransom? A failed mission. For most of his adult life, Moyer has protected his country, now his family needs him and he can’t be there for them.
After I read the description on the back, I was excited to read it. But when I started reading it, I was disappointed.
Not even halfway through the first page, something popped out at me and I could not forget it. It was a long sentence that was hard to make out what it was saying. I found this problem quite often.
Sentence structure wasn’t the only problem. The characters were hard to keep track of. From the first page, I didn’t even know who was who except for the main character who was constantly referred to by his last name. Not by the other characters mind you, but by the author(s). This was one thing that kept on pulling me out of the story world and back into my room. Characters referring to other characters by their last name is completely acceptable but by the author(s), it’s not.
I am sad to write such a negative review. I normally find more good in books than bad, but this one was the totally opposite for me.

B&H provided me a review copy of this novel for an honest review. All comments and opinions are mine.

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