This amazing piece was written by a friend of mine who is a member in my writing group. He described everything so perfectly! Absolutely stunning.

When I walk into a library, my stomach always begins to turn flip flops. I see knights charging between the bookshelves on horseback, swords raised for battle. Three witches sit in a corner, brewing some foul smelling poison in a big black cauldron. A dragon swoops down in flight, perches above me on a book shelf, and spews a stream of fire that can not be felt. A mole wearing a hard hat pops up from the floorboards beneath me, and tells me he is looking for buried treasure. I can tell by looking around that I’m not the only one who sees these things. Other guests are staring at the bookshelves as well, so intent on finding the perfect book that you might think that their lives depended on it. Other people skulk in the background, having no interest in books or stories. These are the people who can’t see the things I see, and wouldn’t want to if they knew how. So many things go on within a library’s walls, all contained within the fragile paper that lines their shelves. Wars are waged, love is found, and lives are changed forever. I can feel all the raw, untethered adventure that permeates these hallways, and can barely breath because there is hardly any room left for air. Each breath sends new visions rushing into my eyes, and I hear battle cries ring out within my mind. Libraries are like a hallucinogen that doesn’t destroy your body. Finally, I’ll scan the books at the check out desk, and hear a shout of joy from the characters, because they know that they will soon live on in yet another reader’s imagination forever. Sometimes I find it awkward, walking back to my truck with an army of armor-clad men, a dragon, and a few wizards or witches following behind me. Luckily, they don’t take up much room on the drive home.
Now tell me, what is a visit to the library like for you?

Go ahead and describe what your trips to your library– or bookstore– is like for you!

One thought on “When I Visit A Library by Adam Bolander

  1. Am I the only one who cried when I read “When I Visit a Library” by Adam Bolander? Beautiful, Adam, you can see into the heart of me and put into words the child-like wonder I still feel at 45 years old when I walk in the door. You made me feel not so alone in my own little world of wonderful bliss that I enter when I dive deep into a book!

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