After a long time of waiting, New York Times Bestselling author Ted Dekker has revealed the covers for the remaining two books in the Books of Mortals, Mortal and Sovereign. Mortal will be released in June of next year with Sovereign following in October.

When the cover for Forbidden was released, I was a little disappointed in it. I thought it was too bland, didn’t stand out. Now it has grown on me and I absolutely love it. It goes so well with the dark dystopian setting of the book. The red stands out with it’s texture and “shinyness.”
With Mortal, the light blue draws the eyes to the center of the cover where the eye is. The beige background reminds me of desert, which may be on purpose as the Mortals live in hiding in the desert as we see at the end of Forbidden.
Regarding the cover of Sovereign, the third and final book: The green stands out even more so than the blue of its predecessor. Along with that and the vine coming out of the tree gives us a feeling of new life, restoration.
What do you all think of the new covers? Like them? Hate them? Be heard!

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