Nolan Gray, the country’s best soldier is now dead. At least that is what everybody thinks.
Now a mysterious figure has shown up in New York City, ready to show everyone “a better way.”
And that figure is Nolan Gray.

For many years, superheros have made their way into comics, movies, and TV shows. But with Vigilante, Robin Parrish brings us a novel. As a big superhero fan, the concept of this novel caught my attention right away. I am sure glad that I read it.
Robin brings us a fast-paced novel that is filled with suspense and a war between good and evil. There were no parts where the novel failed to entertain. Robin did very well in keeping the superhero feel which keeps us entertained. The gadgets that Nolan possesses are very creative and gives off a Batman sort of feel. But I must say I like Nolan’s toys a lot better.
The book takes place mostly in New York City (with the exception of a couple of scenes at the White House following President Thorton Hastings). It was quite scary, imagining if things were like they are in Vigilante. The thought of an all out war on crime in the streets seemed all to real.
But entertainment is not the only thing that this book provides. It provides us with concept of how far one will go to accomplish what they have set out to do, no matter how deeply controversial it becomes.
Nolan Gray has been one of the most in depth characters I have met. From his terrifying memories about his torture in captivity to his decisions that he makes in Part 3 of the novel, we feel for him, see why he thinks the way he does. I found myself at the point to where I would agree with him on things that he did that I would not have even thought about agreeing with before I read the book.
Parrish did an awesome job at giving us a new take on the classic superhero and gave us much more than we could ever get from all those superhero comics and movies.

Note: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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