Remington Wyatt saw her godfather murdered. She recognized the killers. Three years ago, the only thing she could do was disappear. Forever. But now the past returns, and the people who killed Judge Daniel Tate will stop at nothing to kill Remington.
This is the second novel by Robin Caroll I have read, the first one being In the Shadow of Evil which was an amazing book that kept me reading constantly. In Injustice for All, the first book in the Justice Seekers series, Robin delivers exactly that and then some.
This story is filled with great characters that jumped off the page. Each of them had their own distinct personalities. And each of them had secrets. Remington was my favorite of all the cast (I will leave it to you to figure it out for fear of giving too much away.)
The plot was part murder mystery, part discovery (for lack of a better explanation). There are many secrets these characters are keeping, and Robin reveals them all at the right times, keeping our attention and escalating the suspense that she is well-known for.
The relationship between Bella and the two male main characters are quite intriguing and reveals layers of the characters that would not have come out if Robin did not have them. I am hoping we see some more interaction between them in the next novel of the series.
Robin did leave some loose ends, but, from reading her author’s note at the end of the book, we are in for more surprises that may tie those things in a tight, sturdy knot of Robin’s southern romantic suspense.
Be sure to get this book from your local bookstore in January!

Note: Thank you to Robin Caroll for sending me an Advanced Reader’s Copy of her book. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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