Not too long ago I wrote a review of a book called The Reason by debut author William Sirls. If you have read it, you may remember that I absolutely loved it.
This afternoon, I met with Mr. Sirls. We talked and then he gave me five signed copies of the book for me to giveaway! So, of course, that is exactly what I am going to do! Since I have multiple copies, you all will have a great chance of winning a copy! Here are some of the ways to be enter for a chance to win:
1. Comment on this post about a time when something horrible in your life happened, what challenges you faced in your faith, and how God came through. I will be giving away a copy to two random posters.
2. Refer your friends to my Facebook page, and tell them to “like” the page. After they do this, they will need to post on the page and let me know that you sent them. This will give you another entry. The two people who refer the most people to the page will get a copy of the book.
3. Everyone who has “liked” my Facebook page will receive one entry for a random drawing.
The contest is open to those in the United States or in Canada. The winners will be chosen two weeks from tomorrow. The winners will be required to send me their mailing addresses so I can send their prizes to them.
Good luck, everyone! And a big thank you to William Sirls for providing the books!

3 thoughts on “The Reason Giveaway

  1. At the age of nineteen I had my two front teeth knocked out for protecting my sister from a group of thugs. I went a year without front teeth due to all the surgeries on reconstructing the smile. At the time I was in a downward spiral living my own way of life and this ended up knocking some sense into me ‘Pun intended’. As I was hit in the face I was knocked backwards but was caught and held up but there was nobody behind me, all I can say was either the Hand of God, Jesus or an Angel held me up because I was hit with such force. It was a trial and a learning experience and a personal encounter with the supernatural in one big journey. The trial taught me to be easy to forgive and slow to anger. My deepest wish is for the nameless thug who hit me (who was around my age) is tat he is now a follower of Christ and living a peaceful life producing fruit of faith. God bless.

  2. While in middle school, I come to the realization that my “friends” were not who they said they were. They talked the talk and then walked the way they wanted. As they saw that I tried to walk what I talked, they started leaving me out of anything they did together. It got to the point where I received a letter from one of their parents saying that if I wanted friends I needed to be a friend. I had no friends during that time in my life, and all I had to depend on was God as my friend, my guiding light, my refuge in this time of pain and heartache. I came through it, but only after changing to another school for other reasons.

    I guess you can chalk it up to childish selfishness on their part, but it still hurts even when I think about it now – more then 15 years ago.

  3. In March I lost my 53 year old daughter to brain cancer……..I wonder how someone gets through the pain……….she joins her little brother in heaven who died at the age of 21. Why has God chosen me to take my most treasured gifts as my children? I have three daughters remaining…..we hold each other up….the loss of their siblings is so difficult for them… my 2nd eldest daughter lost her daughter at the age of 19…..I can’t explain how I feel…..numb? Coping but still wonder why! I truly believe in God with my whole heart and wonder what HE wants of me. My family has suffered tremenduous losses….my son, daughter, husband, both parents (same year), 3 grandchildren, and brother all in the space of 6 years. Do you have an answer???????

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