When the son of a Chicago billionaire is murdered, the only lead in this high-profile crime is an exclusive dating service that discretely caters to the rich and famous. Who better to go undercover than Detective Kristen Conner?
At the start of last year, the publishing world was introduced to the writing genius of author M.K. Gilroy as he debuted with his hard-boiled crime novel Cuts Like a Knife which brought to life Kristen Conner– a tough Chicago detective who cannot hit the broadside of a barn with a handgun charged with tracking down a serial killer and who deals with anger management and issues with men and her family. With Every Breath You Take, Conner is back and is better than ever.
Gilroy does a wonderful job with keeping Kristen fresh and engaging along with keeping the first person female perspective organic and realistic. It is very entertaining to read Kristen’s inner monologues unlike many other first person novels where it can become quite boring and lose the reader.
The description was great. There was enough to let me understand the surroundings and what other characters looked like, but there was enough room for me to get my own idea of these things as well.
The dialogue was crisp and precise. Gilroy does a great job with writing dialogue that feels organic and not scripted.
The plot was original and drew me right into the story from page one. Many times I am not surprised by twists in books, but Gilroy sure did hit me with a few that left me with my jaw open.
There is a division in Gilroy’s audience concerning whether or not this book is better than its predecessor. I say that it is by far. And if you haven’t read Gilroy’s work, be sure to pick up both books, because you will not want to miss them or the next installment of the series.

Every Breath You Take cover

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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