I am happy to have my friend and fellow author, Devin Berglund, guest post on the site once again, this time about Instagram and the ways you as a writer can utilize it to its full potential!

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Do you ever have a loss for inspiration when it comes to social media, writing, and/or your business?

If you answered yes, read on.

  1. Composition/photo ideas

You can get tons of inspiration for your own photos on Instagram. Take a look at a few of your favorite Instagram profiles. What are they “doing right”? Ask yourself why you like what you like? And then apply that to your own art.

  1. Recent blog post image + url link 

When you have a new blog post share a graphic and in the caption write “For more click on link in bio”… as the link in your bio is the only clickable link on Instagram. For graphics you can use either Picmonkey or Canva or even Photoshop.

  1. Life Behind The Scenes

Share what is happening behind the scenes of your business and life. Are you an artist? A writer or a musician? What are you reading or listening to? Show things that you think your audience might like in a creative way. I know I always love seeing what my favorite people are doing. Especially when they do it in a fresh and exciting way.

  1. Goals & Accomplishments

Show your audience the goals that you have for yourself! And then also show your accomplishments, BUT BE CAREFUL that you don’t brag. No one likes following someone that is always saying, “Me…me… me…” That can actually ruin your reputation.

  1. Place

Are you a place orientated person? Show places that are important to you. Document where you live with images from around the area. If you travel, be sure to share!

All of these ideas will help your audience feel like they know you better.

What are a few inspiration tips that you’ve stolen from Instagram?

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April 1st: There will be two posts today!

Post 1: What Your Readers Wish You Knew About Instagram

Post 2: LAUNCH DATE Post HERE!!!!!


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Let the fun begin… Now! 🙂

Devin Berglund Instagram Post Pic

Devin Berglund is a Social Media and Editorial Content Writer at the Creative Child and babyMaternity Magazines. She started a social media managing and blog coaching business earlier this year. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels. You can visit her at www.devinberglund.com and www.dancingpoetcreativemedia.com.


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