In March of 2015 the British satirical and fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series of novels, Sir Terry Pratchett, passed away. Very many were deeply saddened by Mr. Pratchett’s passing and talked about the impact that his works have had on them. I only have a vague memory of hearing about Discworld and never really gave any thought to reading the books until hearing about Sir Pratchett’s unfortunate passing. So, wanting to discover the joy and wonder that he had brought to so many through his writing, I picked up a small mass market paperback copy of the first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic.

I finished The Color of Magic early this morning. I highly enjoyed it, though there were some things that I took up some “issues” with it. It seemed a bit too episodic for my taste, and Mr. Pratchett had a bit of a tendency to dump a large amount of information spontaneously in the middle of a sequence. I was slightly aware of this before I started reading it, so it didn’t bother me as much as it might another reader who is new to Sir Pratchett’s works. Also, I see a trend happening with his books in which the positive responses to his work come flooding in a few books into the series.

I definitely enjoyed the book, however. Pratchett sure takes your typical fantasy tropes and spins them into something that makes you laugh and chuckle to yourself as your friends wonder what you are going on about. The only times I set the book down while I was reading was when it was time to go to work or when it was extremely late.

The only thing keeping me from reading the sequel to the book is the fact that I do not own it. I looked for it a few days ago at the bookstore, but it wasn’t there. So, as an alternative, I am reading the third book in the series, Equal Rites, which introduces Granny Weatherwax, a character that seems to be cherished by many fans of Discworld. I will be posting every now and then as I read it and the other Discworld books.

How about you? Have you read any Discworld novels? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Equal Rites cover

One thought on “Thoughts on Discworld- A Review of “The Color of Magic” by Terry Pratchett

  1. I felt really guilty as an author that I didn’t quite know who he was when he died and so many people mourned. Obviously i haven’t read his books, but definitely will at some point in my life!

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