Under the “Works in Progress” section, you will find details about projects I am actually writing the first draft of and the current word count. In the “Upcoming” section, you will find details about projects that are in different phases of the development stage.

Works in Progress:

Blood Like Rain

The first installment in a young adult fantasy series that will consist of no more than four books. I have titles and synopses for every book so far and am currently working on world-building and putting a glossary together. After this, I will begin the outline process for the first book.

The Pages of Our Lives (Working Title)

A young adult contemporary novel in the veins of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and other authors of contemporary young adult fiction. Current word count: 15,304


Untitled Sci-Fi Project

I have a tentative title for this series, but it may not end up being relevant, so I won’t make it public. There are currently five books planned. 

Heavenly Lights

The first in a fantasy trilogy to be followed by a prequel and then a sequel. While I’m more than 7,000 words into the second draft, I’ve decided to put this project on hold until I’m in a better place to write it.

“Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.” – Isaiah 40:26

And the Mountains Fell

The sequel to Heavenly Lights.

“I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” – Isaiah 45:2

The Sons of Kardel

A prequel to Heavenly Lights and And the Mountains Fell. It takes place about two thousand years before the events of Heavenly Lights.

The Dark One Trilogy

A young adult fantasy consisting of The Dark One’s HandThe Dark One’s Shadow, and The Dark One’s Fury.


Finished Works:

Lifeless- A short story. You can read the entire thing here.

Lifeless (Short Film)- Lifeless was adapted into a short film! You can watch it here.

3 thoughts on “My Writing

  1. I am so excited your novel is coming along. I so look forward to reading it in its entirety! It’s going to be amazing!

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