Clay, recently divorced and an editor at a publishing house, has been visited by a demon. Yes, a demon. The demon’s name? Lucian. What does the name mean? Light. When Clay meats Lucian at a small diner, the demon tells Clay that he is going to tell him his sory and Clay is going to publish it. What starts as a mystery, becomes an obsession for Clay.

     Demon: A Memoir has to be one of the most unusual books I have read. I mean this in a super good way. I mean, who can write a story about a demon and before the creation of earth and make it believable? Not many, I am sure. The first person point of view is wonderful.

     I am most deffinately looking forward to reading Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca, which will be re-released next month, Iscariot by Tosca and Forbidden by Tosca and Ted Dekker which both are released next year. A pity that I have to wait…

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