Lynda Barret’s, a single lawyer, plane has crashed and she ends up in the hospital. Same goes with Jake Stevens, who is single, good looking, charming and prideful; only he is critically injured and in ICU. One thing becomes clear when two detectives come in to investigate: someone is out to kill Lynda and won’t stop until she is dead. So begins a story of suspense. Lynda, who gets out of the hospital, decides to take in a woman, Paige Varner and her daughter, Brianna, to proect them from Keith, Paige’s abusive ex-husband while she someone is continually trying to kill her. But who? Jake is forced to deal with the condition he is in after the crash and swallow back his pride which is not an easy thing for him to do.

     Evidence of Mercy is a wonderful book and teaches us about putting others before ourselves and many other things.

     I am currently reading the second book in the series in which Evidence of Mercy is the first of (The Sun Coast Chronicles) which is called Justifiable Means. I am having a wonderful time reading it and cannot wait to dive into the last two, Ulterior Motives and Presumption of Guilt.

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