Cameron Vaux is losing his mind. Memories of his late wife are vanishing… Just like Cameron’s dad said they would. To get his memories back, Cameron’s dad tells him he must find “the book with all the days in it.” God’s book. The Book of Days. It contains the past, present and future of every human.
After a clue leads him to a small Oregon town named Three Peaks, Cameron meets Taylor Stone; a person who seems to know more about the Book of days more than anyone. He also meets Jason Judah; a New Age guru who wants the book for his own.
Ann Banister, a local TV hotshot, meets up with Cameron in Three Peaks to help him look for the book even though she doesn’t believe it exists.
When I found out about Book of Days, I was very excited and I was sure that I was in for another good read from James l. Rubart. Was I disappointed? Of course not!
I believe that Book of Days is a big step up from James’ debut and best selling novel, ROOMS, which I enjoyed very much. The characters were more deep and the writing style has imroved.
While I was reading this book, I kept on wondering if the Book of Days was going to be real or not. I honestly thought that I knew, but I was wrong.
ROOMS was about freedom. That message was also in Book of Days, but the main theme was forgiveness. James made it clear that we need to forgive and forget. All this he did without getting too preachy.
Book of Days was an amazing book! I recommend that you all read it!
Congratulations, James on another great book and thank you for getting me an advanced copy to review it! It is much appreciated and I am looking forward to more from you!
Book of Days hits shelves in January and then his next novel after that, The Chair, is due out in or around October!

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