1. What inspired you to write?
I’ve always written stories. Earliest recollection is writing a short story in third grade.
2. What is the first thing you do when you start a new writing project?
I usually only have a plot idea in mind. Before I can begin writing, I have to figure out who my characters are. I do an indepth interview (25 pages) for each of my main characters.
3. Do you have any unpublished novels?
LOL…I don’t know any author who doesn’t!
4. What is your main goal when writing a novel?
My main goal is to entertain, but on another level, I want my story to change the reader in some way…teach them something, make them aware of something they hadn’t been before, etc.
5. How do you go about the plotting process?
I’m supposed to plot??? LOL Seriously, I do only a basic outline before I start writing. Once I begin writing, the characters seem to take over.
6. What is your perfect writing day?
For me, I enjoy getting up and having a Starbuck’s venti white chocolate mocha, stirred, with double whip….sit at my desk and write without interruption, with the story flowing and the characters acting as they should…now ask me how often that happens…lol
7. What is your reaction and answer when people say that fiction is useless and there is nothing to learn from it?
I feel sorry for them. I love to read, have passed on that passion to my children, and truly enjoy being “swept away” in a story.
8. What hobbies do you enjoy?
Reading, scrapbooking, playing train dominoes, hanging out with friends
9. Who are your favorite authors?
Talk about putting me on the spot! LOL Stephen King, Tosca Lee, Dean Koontz, Colleen Coble, James Scott Bell…
10. Do you have a job besides being an author?
I’m also the Conference Director for ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) http://www.acfw.com
11. What is your favorite thing about writing?
I love being able to share the way I see things, warped as that might be! lol
12. What is your favorite point of view and why?
3rd because then I can get into the heads of many characters without jarring the reader, or just staying in the protagonist’s pov
13. What is your favorite genre to read?
I am guessing mystery and suspense since that IS what you write. Yes, that’s correct, although I do enjoy just about any good book, except historicals. I can’t read those.
14. How long does it take you to write a novel?
It really varies. I wrote Deliver Us From Evil in several months, and In The Shadow of Evil in less than a month.
15. Do you have any writing projects in the works at the moment?
I’m concluding the revisions on the first book in a new series–Justice Seekers–that will release in January. The working title is INJUSTICE FOR ALL.

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