Interview with Catherine Jones Payne

I remember, quite a while ago, reading that mermaids were going to be the next big thing in the publishing industry after vampires ran their course. Although there has been a slight influx in mermaid-centered fiction, it hasn't quite taken off as of yet. Why do you think this is? I don’t think those predictions … Continue reading Interview with Catherine Jones Payne

Interview with Erin Healy

In 2009, Ted Dekker co-wrote Kiss his long-time edtor, Erin Healy. In 2010, they released their second collaboration Burn. Later that year, Erin's first solo novel, Never Let You Go, debuted garnering criticial acclaim. Almost six years later, Erin has released five more novels. Her sixth solo work and her eighth all-together, Motherless, comes out next month. This week, Erin … Continue reading Interview with Erin Healy