1. What inspired you to write the Patrick Bowers Files?

A few years ago I was interested in writing a detective series, and I always liked books that were filled with suspense and twists. It took me a few years of toying around with ideas before coming up with Patrick. But, eventually, his character started to develop, and I haven’t been able to rein him in yet.

2. How much of yourself did you put into the series’ protagonist Patrick Bowers?

I can’t help but explore some of my own questions through his eyes. He knows coffee a lot better than I do. He’s a better rock climber. But I’m better at Tae Kwon Do.

3. Could you please explain geographical profiling to readers and why you chose this method for Patrick’s expertise?

You’ll have to read the books to learn about that.

4. How long does it usually take you to write one of your books?

It’s hard for me to say exactly since I’m usually working on more than one project at one time. I’d say the best guess is 6-12 months, depending somewhat on the length of the book and the amount of research I need to do.

5. What hobbies do you enjoy?

Trail running, disc golf, going to matinees, and eating Cheetos.

6. As many people know, you, like Patrick, are a huge coffee drinker. What is your favorite coffee drink?

Black French Roast; when I get a chance, I buy some Deadman’s Reach from Raven’s Brew, a roaster in Alaska.

7. What is your favorite TV show(s)?

Actually, right now, there aren’t any shows I’m watching. Over the years, I’ve been a fan of Lost, 24, and The Walking Dead.

8. The Patrick Bower’s series is considered Christian fiction, but there isn’t much, I guess you could say, spirituality. In your mind, what makes these books Christian?

Actually, I don’t consider the books Christian fiction. I’m a Christian, and just like every author, I write from the worldview that I have. I think it’s a little odd that we have “Christian fiction,” but people don’t typically make reference to “Atheist fiction,” “Wicca Fiction,” or “Humanist fiction,” etc. Just an interesting thought.

9. What do you have planned for Patrick Bowers in the future?

It’s hard to say what my plan is, because my books seem to shape themselves as I work on them. I’m hoping he doesn’t die or get killed off, because I actually really like the guy.

10. What can readers expect from you after the Patrick Bowers Files is finished?

I’m not sure when they’ll be finished. I know for the next couple of years, he’ll be around. There is a new series, however, that will launch in November. The first book is called Placebo and features a film maker and escape artist named Jevin Banks.

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