FORBIDDEN is the first book of a new epic trilogy set in a dytopian future by authors Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. The novel will be released next month while the last two, MORTAL and SOVEREIGN, will be released next year.
I am giving away a copy of FORBIDDEN to one lucky reader; or I should say writer as you will need to write a short essay of what it means to be mortal. Not mortal in the way as us humans can die, but in the way how we feel; our emotions. Send your essay to after you are done. On August 23– a week from today– I will announce and post the winning essay. The winner will receive an email from me where they will be asked to send me their mailing address which I will send to Hachette.
In the meantime, you can read my review of FORBIDDEN here:
Happy writing!

Note: This contest is for residents of the United States and Canada only. If you win, I will need your mailing adress– no PO boxes under the request of Hachette.

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