Sam Trask is about to face his worst nightmare. A man from Sam’s past will not stop until Sam’s whole life comes crashing down around him.
I am in no mood to write this sort of review. I stopped in the middle of the novel, wishing that I had not requested it for review.
The story line was not suspenseful enough make me want to keep on reading. One of the things that I have been taught over and over again is to rocket up the suspense in the first 75 or so pages or you will loose the reader. And James lost this reader.
The characters were shallow and their decision did not make sense. Especially one of the decisions made by Sam’s troubled daughter, Heather.
The reasoning of Nicky Oberlin– the antagonist in the story– was not explained at all. Why does he want to ruin everything that Sam has? If this was explained early in the story, it would have made for a better story.
In one scene, Sam’s wife, Linda, is thinking about everything that is going wrong. She thinks about Heather and her problems and Sam’s child that he had with another woman, but there is nothing about the biggest threat: Nicky Oberlin. A guy who is stalking someone’s husband would take place way over their husband having another child.
As I said, I hate to write this sort of review, but this book isn’t for me.

Note: I received a review copy of this book for review from the publisher for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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