Patrick Bowers hunts the most dangerous of killers.
Only now it looks like a killer is tracking
In the third installment of the Patrick Bowers Files, bestselling author, Steven James places Patrick Bowers in his most challenging case yet. A killer is carving a gruesome path of death in the Denver, Colorado area. The killer, who calls himself Giovanni, is elusive and skilled, giving Patrick a run for his money.
One of Steven’s strengths in his novels is his characterization. Characters from the two previous books, The Pawn and The Rook, such as Patrick and his stepdaughter Tessa develop more and more in this book, making them even more lifelike than they were before. Their relationship and the events surrounding it make for an interesting and heart-wrenching ride throughout the whole entire length of the novel. Again, Tessa takes a large role in the book, only this time we travel with her as she finds a disturbing secret about herself and her mother. In this, we feel more and more for Tessa, wanting to weep with her, scream with her. Patrick takes an emotional ride of his own. He learns how capable we all are of evil. In this mix, we have a new, budding romance between our protagonist and a new character, Detective Cheyenne Warren with the DPD. Yes, no more Lien-hua; looked like our two once-were-lovers couldn’t cut it, folks. Sad, I know, but it does spice up the life of our Special Agent (Not like he needed more complications).
There is also a subplot with the retrial of Patrick’s nemesis– Richard Devin Basque. Patrick comes face-to-face about the night when he apprehended Basque who had been put in jail for the gruesome murders of many women. These events made for a great side story where we get to see the more personal side of Patrick with nothing else interfering on the outside.
As with its predecessors, The Knight is great, intense novel that will have you flipping the pages as quick as you can.
Just be sure not to rip any of them.

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