Carla Raddling starts showing an “English gentleman” a piece of beautiful estate. Only to end up facing a gun.
Who wants to kill her, and why?

Crimson Eve is the third book in the Kanner Lake Series by author Brandilyn Collins whose books I just started reading last year. With Violet Dawn, we were introduced to a world of death and dark pasts, in Coral Moon, Brandilyn took us in a wild ride filled with murder and the unseen world around us. This time, we are thrust into a web of lies and betrayal and dark secrets of the past. And Brandilyn does not disappoint. It seems like it is impossible for me to not like anything that she has written.
As with the past two books in the series, Crimson Eve focuses on a new character, Carla Raddling. Carla, even in her desperate plight throughout the whole novel, is well-developed and is now one of my favorite characters in the Kanner Lake Series. We are also brought back to many characters from Violet Dawn and Coral Moon, such as Bailey and Leslie. Brandilyn does a great job of keeping the consistency of the characters, not veering from the caring personality of Bailey, nor the reporter in Leslie.
As the series is called the “Kanner Lake Series,” one will find it obvious to assume that the events in each of these books happen in Kanner Lake. But it looks like Brandilyn thought that the poor town had enough of trouble– for now, at least. Events are set, for the most part, outside of Kanner Lake. This gives us, the readers a fresh intake of setting and also makes us excited for getting back to Kanner Lake in the next book in the series.
With great precision, Brandilyn executes the plot and develops it very well with diary entries and fast paced scenes. The whole book being about ninety percent of following Carla on the run, there is very little time for rest. The supense never dulled down– there was always the thought lurking that maybe, out of nowhere, a certain someone may turn up and end everything.
Crimson Eve is a novel that will grab readers and drag them further in love with the people of Kanner Lake and the stories that Brandilyn so expertly tells.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in an exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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