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Ted Dekker is known for writing stories that are hard to define. He has written fantasy, mysteries, and all out suspense thrillers that have readers on the edge of their seats. This Tuesday, he releases his latest novel, A.D. 30. This story is unlike any of those he has written in the past. It is a Biblical epic, set in the harsh deserts of Arabia and in majestic cities. Full of war, betrayal, and love.

A.D. 30 explores the story of Maviah, an outcast princess, dishonored among her people. When her people are suddenly attacked by an opposing tribe, Maviah must travel across the harsh desert to find Herod, the only one who can deliver her people, accompanied by two warriors– Saba, one who speaks more with the sword, and Judah, one who comes from a tribe who can read the stars.

However, Maviah hears of Yeshua, a mystic whose teachings have drawn thousands to hear him. He speaks of a kingdom not of this world that has incredible power. Soon, Maviah realizes that Yeshua’s way may be what she is searching for.

If you like Biblical epics, this novel is for you. If you don’t, this book is still for you. Ted has written a story that is still full of his signature thrills and lessons to be learned. It is a story that is familar yet unheard. It is a tale that will cause you to think about the power of God’s kingdom and the power of forgiveness. It will remind you that even the lowest of the low, like Maviah, can have that power and be loved by the Father.

The story of Maviah will continue in A.D. 33 which is to be released next year, then concluded in a third novel. I cannot wait to continue the journey and come into an even deeper understanding of the ways of Yeshua.

AD 30 cover

Note: I received a free eBook copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

4 thoughts on “A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

      1. I’m sure I will. I can honestly say I’ve found something to like about all of Ted’s books, even if I like some more than others, or even if they do get a bit strange at times. 🙂

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