There is nothing like seeing the word count of your novel increasing over time. Whether it be only a couple dozen words or a couple thousand (or ten thousand if you’re crazy) words a day, keeping your followers on Twitter, Facebook, or your website updated on how far you are getting into your story is a good thing to do. I update people about my progress on this website and my Twitter and Facebook profiles. Isn’t that bragging? you may ask. No, it isn’t! Well, okay… Maybe a little. But you deserve to brag and be excited about your progress! Here are three reasons why you should update people on your word count:

One: Motivation. As I said above, there is nothing like seeing your word count going up, up, up. I don’t know of anyone who isn’t motivated by that! If you’re excited, why not celebrate with friends? They will be excited with you and keep encouraging you as you sprint, walk, or crawl to the finish line that is a complete first draft.

Two: Accountability. When your followers, friends, or even family see that you haven’t been updating your word count lately– if they are so kind as to do this– they will contact you to see if you have been procrastinating, writing furiously enough not to be bothered with updates, or died some grisly death at the hands of an axe murderer. Accountability is the best motivator in my opinion.

Three: Self-satisfaction. As stated earlier, updating your word count on your website or wherever is a great way to brag to your friends about how much you have accomplished. You should be proud of yourself for having made it as far as you have! Don’t brag too hard about it, however, because nobody likes someone who pushes things at their face.

What about you? Do you update people on your word count, or do you keep your progress to yourself, and why?

Word Count

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