Every writer has experienced people giving them blank stares whenever they talk about their writing. While you may be excited about those 100,000 words you may just have written in one day– I doubt you have; if you have, let me bow down at your feet– they won’t care. They may say, “Wow! That’s a lot of words!” You may be telling them how emotionally exhausting writing has been for you, and they may show a sign of empathy. But here’s the truth, and it’s ugly:

They’ll never get it.

Oh, they’ll say that they do; a lot of them say that. But the fact is that we writers will never be understood by those normal people. We’re always going to be the outcasts. The ones who people consider to have a screw loose somewhere in their noggin.

So what does one do about this? The answer is very simple, and that is nothing. We do nothing but be who we are. We write. We cry, we sweat, we scream, we pull our hair out, and we write.

Also, we let that screw stay loose.

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