In the last two weeks of October 2014, I wrote an extremely expansive outline for my WIP, Heavenly Lights. Now, about eight months later, I have come to the point where I can see the end of the writing of the first draft at the end of the tunnel. There is quite a bit of ways to go before I reach the other side, but I am a lot closer than I thought I ever would be. After I finish writing the third part of the novel which is the climax, I will be going back and changing and adding a whole bunch of new things, such as changing the POV and gender of a certain character, and adding an entirely new subplot.

After the first draft is finished, I will be making a trip to the FedEx store around here and print out the first tangible copy of my novel. I’ll put it away for at least two weeks to allow myself some time to get rid of any emotional attachment that I have to it. Once those couple of weeks pass, I will pull it out and spend the next month reading through the entire thing and marking it up with red ink. If my expectations are met, then it’ll probably look like I poured a bucket of blood all over it and stabbed it with a thousand sharp steak knives.

Anyway, I must get back to the story and let the words flow. I will be stopping in every once in a while to update the word count. As of this writing, the novel stands at 108,870 words. That’s 435 pages for any of you who wanted to know.

Until next time!

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