During the past year, I have come across multiple websites that are dedicated to creativity and entrepreneurship. Ranging from making a living from doing what you love to do to routines for getting up in the morning, I have found them to be extremely useful. Here are just a few of the websites that have helped me:

1. My Morning Routine. This website is all about sharing the morning routines of different writers, artists, business executives, and all other sorts of people. By subscribing to their newsletter, you will get one email a week detailing the morning routine of a specific person who has been successful in what they do. Reading these have given me many a great idea about how to go about my morning that helps me start my day positively and productively.

2. Blaine Hogan. Blaine Hogan is an actor, an entrepreneur, and much more. He is also the creative director at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. You can read his thoughts about creativity and life on his blog. You should also check out his Vimeo page where you can find all sorts of videos from Blaine including stage productions and talks on the creative process.

3. Kevin Kaiser. I have been given the opportunity to meet Kevin Kaiser a couple of times and have been able to talk with hi in-depth about a bunch of things. As the former manager of New York Times bestselling author, Ted Dekker, an advisor for numerous more authors, filmmakers, and musicians, and a writer himself, Kevin is dedicated to help others make their creative aspirations a reality. Subscribe to his newsletter for articles, insight, and podcasts.

4. 99U. I just recently discovered this website, so I am not entirely familiar with it, but I like what I see. Their tagline is “Insights on Making Ideas Happen.” With the numerous videos and articles, 99U is a great place to visit for entrepreneurs.

5. Lifehack. Lifehack has been a great source of advice on creativity, success, and life in general. There are articles that give you the top twenty things that highly successful people do, things you one must remember when they love a highly creative person, and much more. Sign up to their daily newsletter and you’ll get an email letting you in on the most popular articles on the site. The newsletter is always sent during my lunch break, so I can make my meal, sit down, eat, and read one or two articles on how to make my life easier.

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